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  • Defining supermoms

    How does one describe a super mom? In the month that celebrates mothers, I came across something that made me think about the “ordinary” moms in our lives and what makes them super. Two weeks ago, a simple and innocent post on a social media group made me ponder over the moms I consider SUPER […]

  • Let’s talk, Ma

    How working on a blog post for Mother’s Day brought me closer to my mother When I first started working on this blog two weeks back, my aim was to get mothers and daughters talk to each other. Oh yes we talk all the time, but not on the topics I had in mind. To […]

  • The tech toy I fell in love with

    It is hard to find a toy for your child these days that doesn’t have technology at its center. And yet, there are only a handful that make sense to me. Read on to find out the tech toy that brought joy to our family recently. Being an avid reader, I started reading to my […]

  • Five women you should send DMs this Mother’s Day

    This Mother’s Day, reach out and share your heart in the form of words. Nourish that crucial bond we all need in our lives to show that there’s always strength in unity! Every year, there’s a divide between those who believe in celebrating Mother’s Day and those who don’t. Every day is Mother’s Day” according […]

  • Gender stereotype: Nip it right in the bud

    We are all aware of the pink and blue divide all around us based on gender but there is something else that needs attention now. My daughter’s arrival taught me something that I don’t think I would have learnt otherwise. Millennial parents please take note. As we started arguing over the blue onesie I picked […]