Office look – Mustard Culottes

I am a 5ft tall girl and always thought that Palazzos and Culottes are not for short girls. But to my surprise, they look perfect on me and during winter mustard yellow has always been my favorite. I nowadays shop for formal apparel now that I am into Marketing and Blogging, I have to attend events, meetings and give presentations. So you can expect a lot of professional outfits over here.

So I paired these mustard culottes with classic off-white top & shoes from NO LIMIT, Borivali East. If you happen to be in Borivali and want to shop western outfits, NO LIMIT is the place to go.


Shoes – NO LIMIT

Blouse – NO LIMIT

Lipstick – Half n Half cosmetics (#16Hot Red)

Culottes – Stalkbuylove

Glasses – Streets of Mumbai

Rule out Thyroweight

1 in 10 Indians suffer from Thyroid disorders and 8 out of these 10 patients are women which means women are more prone to Thyroid Disorders.

I had a chance to attend an event  #ruleoutthyroweight on thyroid awareness. The event was an informative one and I signed up to bring a change. Here are the few key things that I was made aware of after the interactive session

  • We all have Thyroid Glands.
  • These thyroid glands secrete hormones, an imbalance in which leads to Thyroid Disorder
  • There are two types of Thyroid disorders namely
  • Hyperthyroidism – This is an uncommon disorder, where the Thyroid glands produce excess thyroid hormones.
  • Hypothyroidism – This is a more common disorder, where the Thyroid glands produce insufficient thyroid hormones. (A highly common disorder in comparison to Hyperthyroidism)
  • These Thyroid hormones have an effect on our metabolic rate-which controls how fast or slow your brain, heart, muscles, liver or other parts of your body work.
  • These hormones also influence one’s growth, development, and reproduction.
  • A weight gain big or small accompanied with fatigue should always be considered as a red signal for your health. This could be Thyroweight. We, women, have mastered the art of taking our health so casually that we only listen to our body when its one the edge of giving up. Its now time to take charge and talk about Thyroweight

Common symptoms of Hypothyroidism-

• Unexplained Weight Gain

• Fatigue

• Change in Voice

• Hair loss

• Constipation

• Swelling of face/legs

How can I know if I have Thyroid Disorder?

If you have more than one of the above symptoms mentioned and you want to check if you have a Thyroid disorder then a simple Thyroid Function Test (TSH) can help detect a thyroid disorder.

What could be the causes of Thyroid disorders?

• The thyroid is an autoimmune disorder which means a defective thyroid gland can cause the disorder

• One can also be born with a defective thyroid gland, which makes it a Congenital disorder

• Removal /surgery of Thyroid Gland

For more information please visit

  • Some Important take away Gyaan from Dr Shehla Shaikh –

• On being a Woman – We all women need to remember that we are the core of the family. In this fast-paced life, health takes a back seat over. We women put our groceries first on the list above our health. It’s time we stop putting us in the bottom of the priority list and start self-care as a consistent practice.

• On Walking – Walking is the best form of exercise. You don’t need to learn how to walk as compared to other forms of fitness. One should start walking daily at least for 45 mins.

• On Healthy Eating – Whom will you prefer paying your money to? A Farmer or a Physician. The choice is yours. It’s not what you do every month or year that determines your health, it’s about what you do every hour and every day to reach your goal.

  • When Juhi shared her personal story –

The mesmerising Juhi Chawla shared with us her very personal story of how her husband, Father in law and hair stylist suffered from a Thyroid disorder and why she supports this cause. With the help of a small pill every day, how her husband was able to get back to normal life.

We were all amazed to know how Juhi’s husband Jay

Mehta, in spite of being a Thyroid Patient, successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. It is so amazing to know how a little pill can help you be more of yourself than what your medical condition forces you to be.

My  Real Life Hero

The one person whom I consider our hero is our house help. She is the powerhouse of energy and passes on her energy in so many houses every single day. Despite having Hypothyroidism for 8 years she has managed to control her weight and kept a good check on her thyroid. She rarely takes leaves and has overcome depression after fighting with it for more than 4 years.

She truly is our inspiration.

My Message for you…

If you or any of your closed ones have any of the symptoms please consult a doctor. Fix an appointment for yourself or your loved ones asap. Choose for an early diagnosis of #ruleoutThyroweight

That’s all for now. Do let me know if you liked this post in the comments below!


Disclaimer: I attended a discussion on thyroid awareness facilitated by Abbott India Limited. Any opinion expressed in this blog is my personal opinion and not the opinion of Abbott India Limited. Abbott India Limited does not assume any liability for the content of the blog. The blog post is not meant to be a replacement for a doctor consultation, nor is it a medical recommendation or prescription of treatment for people having thyroid problems. Any reader of this blog suffering from thyroid problems should specifically consult his/her doctor for the same and follow the suggested course of treatment.’

Top 5 Pets for kids

When one says pets the first 2 names that pop into our minds is Dog and Cat. But not all are ready to take up the responsibility a pet brings along. There are many factors to consider before finalizing the newest member of your family. Like the financial commitment, the time commitment, availability of space, you or your child’s level of activity, the food, etc.

Here is a list of Top 5 pets I feel are best for first-time pet owners and kids.




Fish are one the best pets for first-time pet owners and kids. Their lifespan is usually 5 years to 40 years depending on the breed, care taken and the environment provided. Fish are low maintenance in comparison to a dog. They don’t need grooming, they don’t need to walk outdoors or any kind of vaccinations. But there are things like temperature control and weekly cleaning that is involved with fish. You also need to dechlorinate the water if you use tap water.

So before finalizing a fish please do your research well on basics like –

How many gallons of water does a single fish need?

What should be the size of tank for the number of fish you need?

What will the fish eat?

Is it safe to keep the same breed in one tank?

Is it safe to keep other breeds in the tank?

How many times do you need to clean the tank?

Will you be using a UV light, a filter or a plant in the aquarium?

Does your fish need a hiding spot?

How will you handle the breeding phase?

What will you do if the fish lays eggs in case you have a male and a female fish?

How will you take care of the babies?

Who will take care of your fishes if you travel a lot?

Note – Never ever keep a fish in a fishbowl this is a torture for them. Instead, don’t bring them home if you cannot provide it with the environment it needs to survive. 

My picks for pet fish – Goldfish in a pair or more because they have a long lifespan, they can survive without any additional devices like temperature control and they are very social beings meaning you can add more goldfishes in an aquarium.


What shown above is a Red Eared Slider Terrapin which is completely legal to keep as a pet in India. This is the most common type of Terrapin available in India. They are Semiaquatic beings which means they need land and water both to survive. They are the best pets to have, low on maintenance and with the longest lifespan like their sibling species the tortoise or turtles. Before bringing a Turtle/Tortoise or Terrapin home make sure you research on the fact that the particular species is legal to keep as a pet at home.

Things to consider before bringing a Terrapin/Turtle at home –

What will you feed them?

Are you capable of expanding their aquarium with time?

Their tank needs to be cleaned every single day if you feed them pallets, or else the water turns green and stinks. Are you ready for this?

Are you a vegetarian? How will you feed your terrapin/turtle other beings? They are carnivores and they need a good amount of fish/and other beings to survive.

Bringing home a turtle/tortoise or terrapins is a lifelong commitment. Is your family ready for this?

Note – Most, if not all, reptiles carry Salmonella bacteria in their intestinal tract and may shed these bacteria in their feces. Salmonella bacteria usually do not cause any illness in reptiles, but can cause serious illness in people. It is advisable to sanitize your hands or any place where a reptile poops.


Did you know Rabbits are a lot like dogs in terms of intelligence and sometimes like cats when they are upset?

Rabbits need a lot of play and activities to keep them happy. A bored rabbit will find it’s way to your books or furniture. Before bringing home a rabbit make sure you decide whether you want it to be cage-free or in a cage. Rabbits are herbivores and they need a diverse diet. While in the west, rabbits are asked to be fed 80% Hay, 15% Veggies and 5% Fruits. In India, I have failed to find the recommended type of Hay. So we feed our rabbits a lot of Grass, Cauliflower leaves, greens, carrots, fruits and sometimes treats.

Rabbits can be litter trained and can understand a few words like their name, No, Yes, Sit down, etc just like dogs. Rabbits are very smart animals and if you want an animal to cuddle they are the best after dogs. They do need some vaccines and they also need to be spayed to keep them happy and healthy. They have a lifespan of up to 15 years depending on the care taken.

Kindly research well before bringing home your furry pals!

Guinea Pigs

They are the most kid-friendly pets I have ever seen. They rarely fight, they are highly social and love to be picked up. Guinea pigs are low maintenance animals and can be caged or cage-free. Their lifespan is around 8-10 years and they love their humans even if they are in pairs. Usually, it is recommended to keep together a pair of females as they stay in total harmony and your kids will love to be around them.

Guinea Pigs are few of the beings like humans who can’t produce their own Vitamin C and they need Vitamin C supplements to survive.


These are one of the easiest to maintain. A snail can stay alone in a bowl or with companions. You can also add snails to a fish aquarium. Snails feed on fish leftovers and algae so basically they clean the tanks. Snails love greenery around them and it is advisable to keep live aquatic plants in the bowl or tank.

Snails can slide out of a tank or bowl so it is recommended to keep a cover over it. Snails should be fed twice a day or twice a week depending on the type of snail. The apple snail which is commonly found in Indian stores lives up to 10 years. Things to consider before bringing home a snail is about the size of the tank and who will take care of your snail when you are out of town.


We have had all the animals on the list as pets except Guinea pigs. It has become a ritual for Christmas to bring home 2 new family members. Next on the list is Guinea Pigs.

Do let us know if you liked the post in the comments below.

Living in Denial

I had read or heard the word living in denial somewhere years ago. I had a slight gist of what it meant. But I just googled the term living in denial and I have answers to so many questions right now. But I am afraid, having an answer or solution to something doesn’t mean that we humans are going to essentially use it or apply it to our life.

All my life I felt like a tragedy queen. I was that girl who found out she was being raped by her babysitter’s husband and son. Even after I realized it, I kept mum and it continued for several years until the babysitter decided to shut down and move to Alibaug.

My parents came from humble backgrounds, they had to earn their own food and education. They had 4-5 siblings to share everything with and a less scope of guidance, with parents being illiterate. They educated themselves and got their own jobs without any godfathers. We bought our own house and were still helping others with whatever they needed (family of parents). Long story short, they needed to earn to keep the house running. As a result, I was sent to another babysitter.

This lady was a childless one in her late 50’s or maybe 60’s and her husband was a pervert. Luckily I was big enough to stay away from him whenever possible and I started spending most of my time in a nearby a garden. Especially when the babysitter was not around. I remember running away as fast as I can and he trying to chase me every single day.

It was December, I don’t remember the year but it was the first time I ever remember going on a family vacation with my family. All four of us! Together! My mummy, Pappa, Dada, and I. I was in my 5th grade I think. We went to Tirupati, we had fun and all I prayed there was to get away from all the leech men around me. We came back and the very first morning when I and my mom headed out, our entire locality was talking about it and giving me stares.

Vasai was a small town with people’s mind even smaller. If there is a force above us, he surely did injustice to the scenic beauty what Vasai is by giving it, such people. When we came home, I asked my mummy what the shop aunty said. She never told me, No adult told me unless I met my friends and they shared. They told me that my new babysitter’s pervert husband was talking to the police and they broke his bones for raping a 5-year-old brave girl who told her parents about it.

It was the end of a nightmare for me and I will forever be grateful to the lovely little girl who did it for me. I being a 10-12-year-old girl never dared to open my mouth. And I am still guilty of it. I could have saved so many children from those perverts. But I didn’t and I have carried that guilt with me for almost 20 years now. It all started when I was 3 years old and even today at 23 I don’t think I am safe from the opposite gender.

Fast forward –

I was always scared of sexual relationships. I was sure I didn’t want to end up in a sexual relationship with anyone and make it highlight of my relationship. But my first and only relationship ended on a heartbreaking note, where I was again a victim of many kinds of abuse but the one that forced me to end the relationship was the sexual abuse.

My so-called EX denies it. Any of it and for him it was beautiful and stuff. But I failed to see the beauty of what I had. I failed to see the beauty of a relationship where I had to allow someone to bang me so that the person doesn’t end up in someone else’s bed. Not that it hasn’t happened before. But I was a fool to think that it would last longer and it will be a happily ever after for us. After all the years we spent together, all I could remember was infidelity, emotional abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse and draining me of all the money, self-confidence and self-love.

So I spoke to my EX a few months back and he said why do you see things like this. I wanted to tell him that he was not the one who was heartbroken because the love of his life slept with different people, fell in love with different people, and still came to see him. He was not the one who took those slaps, punches, and kicks in the stomach. He was not the one who was scared to death because the only person he trusted and hoped would protect him was choking him with their own hands for some other girl in his own house.

My dear EX didn’t give me infinite chances before he gave up on me. I was the one who felt that and I accept that I was the one who broke this relationship. Because I would rather be alone than to be with a person who thinks I was his property and not a part of his soul. Because I really gave that man my soul and I don’t regret any of it.

Fast forward to the good news-

I needed time to think about the future of my EX relationship and I tried to shoo him off because I would have forgiven him once again. I was still in love with a man who would never love me back or be faithful. But then in my 6th month of pregnancy, I found out I was actually pregnant. I told him and asked him what he wanted. I was hoping that he would have at least pretended that he cares. But what he did was, threaten me that if I come to his house he will get me raped by his cousins and friends and all sorts of bullshit. I remember I was in my 7th month of pregnancy and he said he will be there for me and will marry me. I was living in denial then… I thought he meant what he said.

You know you are a mother when you put your child’s life before you even if the child is unborn. I did the same, the moment I knew I was responsible for a life. I did everything to keep the baby safe and secure even when it meant Faking to have Phone sex with him. I still remember two nights when he played with me. He told me he will be with me and baby when I did everything he asked me to do. I did every single thing, just to be sure my child has a father in their life. Those two nights, I cried myself to sleep in that washroom where he asked me to do what he wanted over a video call.

Post that I gave him a chance to speak up the truth. To choose what he wanted, and he said he wanted freedom. I gave him what he wanted. He was a free man, without any responsibilities or guilt. I respected his choice for years. Because I had a choice to choose life over heartbreak just once. And I choose my Life, my Child.

Fast Forward to 2018 –

I feel terrible because I am living in denial. But what changed my life and made me realize that I was Living in Denial was Daughters of Destiny. Daughters of Destiny is a Netflix Originals Documentary series and it is totally worth the watch.

It made me realize what I have been through all these years. The struggle to get a degree while raising a baby, becoming a successful blogger, getting my first marketing job and so much more than I should be grateful for. But I was living in denial, I was still looking forward to figuring out some way to get my master’s fees sorted. In the struggle to be a successful blogger, I forgot to cherish and accept that I am a blogger now. Instead of being working hard and maintaining my personal life. I forgot that this job is mine and I worked so hard (18 hours a day) that I forgot what it was to spend time with my family.

I was living in this delusional world, where I was still insecure about my talents and abilities. In a world where I am still not confident, I didn’t value my body and my relations. I was living in past and I realized in a way I am acting like I used to when those men were around me. I was wasting my life by living in denial.

I guess now it’s time to change..



Basics of Blogging

I started my blogging journey in December 2013. Since then it’s been an on-off ride. But I have managed to make it my profession and earn a living out of it. I am sharing a few of my very personal experiences about Basics of Blogging in this post that helped me to be a full-time blogger and also some lessons that I learned along the way.

2013 – How to be a Blogger?

So in 2013, the answer to this question was, To become a blogger, all you have to do is start your own blog. Then, start writing and posting on the blog. That’s how to become a blogger. Nothing more!

Fast forward to 2018 – How to be a Blogger?

To become a blogger, you need to start your own blog, brand your blog & yourself, create engaging content, market your blog, and be your blog’s PR. It’s like running your own startup, without any additional help. A blogger is a one-woman army who has the power to influence others and be that person in the life of her readers whom they trust and look forward to every single day. If you miss even one part of it, you will never be able to reach to your reader and will have to struggle a lot. So that’s what you need to do to be a blogger.

How to get ready to take up Blogging as your career?

Read this post on how to set your mindset to be ready for your brand new career. (Click on the link to open)

What do you need to be a blogger?

  • Good command over the language you want to start your blog in
  • Pen
  • Diary
  • Planner
  • Internet
  • Smart Phone/Tablet/Laptop
  • Camera/Good Phone Camera (Depends on your niche)

Do I need to invest money to be a blogger?

The answer to this question is very simple, you spend lacs of rupees on your education. That’s the investment you do in order to get a job that supports your lifestyle. So in blogging, the more you invest the better the results are. For the first three months, all you need to invest in is a domain and hosting, a good phone with a camera (if you don’t have one), few props for photography depending upon your niche.

Ethics of blogging

Positive Journalism –  There are enough people to cash on lives of other people.  To be a better person & a better brand, you need to keep the personal lives of celebrities and other people away from your blog. You might have an opinion about them but there is no need to drag someone else to earn that moolah to feed your child.

• Freedom of Speech – There is no way someone can take away your right from you. If you stand for something no one can stop you from sharing your story. We bloggers have a community of most supportive followers and they will always support us no matter what.

• No Plagiarism – Stealing a part or the entire content from someone else’s work is a strict no-no. Plagiarism is intolerable and because I am helping you to get into blogging I want you to know it is better to take permission from the content creator instead of landing up in a legal battle where you will always end up losing.

• Give Credit where it’s due – This is to support the no plagiarism cause. Give credits where ever you use someone else’s content. Be it a photo, a point in an article or an idea unless it’s a stock photo.

• Your thoughts are only an opinion – Before sharing an article, tell your readers that it is only your opinion on a particular topic unless you are qualified enough to give advice on it. Example – Your family tradition is to start with semisolids for kids when they turn 5 months old. But the government of the country says the right age is 6 months. Please understand that a mother can take your advice and end up in trouble with her child. Unless you are qualified to understand what you are saying, tell your readers that it’s only an opinion because it worked for my child.

• Truth – Your readers deserve nothing but the truth. They need to see the imperfect and struggling life of their Influencer instead of the made-up truth. If you be frank to your readers they will be frank to you.

• Admit & Correct your mistakes –  Blogging is a forever learning journey. You need to admit your mistakes and learn from them. Because that’s the rule of life. You fall to raise up even stronger.

Consistency & Accountability

If you are new to blogging or are thinking of starting a blog. You can start with taking up the Writer’s Workshop.

Being a blogger is easy but earning a living out of it is not. If you succeed to take it up as a profession instead of passion you can start earning within 3 months of starting your blog. The key is working consistently towards your goals. I know it is not easy when you don’t see any money flowing in for first few months. But you can join a support group for bloggers where women are trying to start a blog and make it their profession. FLOURISH TRIBE is a group that I started for the purpose. If you are a female you can join the group to find a tribe whom you are accountable to.


That’s it for now. Next time I will be talking about The Process of Creating Good Content. But complete this week’s Writer’s Workshop and send in your articles at or post them in the February post comments.







11 things I checked before enrolling my daughter in a Daycare

As kids, my brother and I went to daycare as our parents were working. I was about 4 months old when I started going for babysitting with my brother. However, I was uncomfortable with the lady taking care of me and so my mother changed my babysitter. The new lady was a gem of a person, and I still remember the taste of the delicious food cooked by her. But the people I do not want to remember are her husband and son…

I was about 5 years old when I found out they did something inappropriate to me and my other friends whenever my babysitter wasn’t around. It was a horrid experience, I didn’t know what was happening with me.

I turned 11 and the babysitter shifted to Alibaug with her family. Luckily I was old enough to stay home with my brother. So that was it. I was happy that I never had to see the father-son duo again. When I turned 13, I came know what they were doing to us was sexual abuse. It took me 8 more years to speak about it to my parents. This is after my daughter was born.

All these years I was quiet because they made me believe that it was all my fault. But touching a child with a sexual intention was those two’s fault, not mine. Those experiences have scarred me deeply. I am 22 now but it is still difficult for me to trust people or even talk to them.

Career and money are important but your child’s childhood is more precious. Believe me when I say this. I have been there, unaware of the misdeeds and wanting to get out of that place and situation. The pain a child goes through is a lifetime.

But today I am not scared that same will happen to my daughter. She goes to a full-time daycare and is a very happy child. The concept of daycare is relatively new in India. Previously, there were babysitters who used to babysit at home without any knowledge of childcare, merely for the purpose of making money. Times are changing and so is the daycare facility scenario.

My daughter was 9 months old when she started going to daycare. Here are a few things that I made sure were in place before enrolling her in the daycare:

1. The Reputation

When I first visited her daycare it was a newly opened center but the brand name it carried was one of the most trusted ones in India. I as a child had seen students from that school and heard a lot about the brand s principles. Therefore I could trust them for providing utmost care to my daughter if she were a part of it.

2. The Teachers/Caretakers

Very few parents know about the educational qualifications required to be a daycare teacher/caretaker. Let me tell you, a person needs to pass higher secondary certificate (12th boards) + a diploma in early childhood care and education (ECCEd) or Secondary School Certificate (10th boards) + Diploma in Pre Primary Teachers Training. The same education is needed for teachers who teach the children from playschool to grade 2.

Many new independent daycares hire ‘Aayaahs’ (uneducated females who usually work as domestic helps) to take care of children. Therefore you need to ask for the teacher’s certificate and certainly have a talk in order to understand their mentality towards your concerns. (I am an unmarried mother and it’s a real big deal in India. My daughter still doesn’t have a birth certificate and her daycare allowed her without a birth certificate because they believe that every child is equal, although my own country’s law doesn’t care about child of a single mother)

Also check with the student teacher ratio for daycare. In my child’s daycare the caregiver/teacher student ratio is 1:5.

3. The Non Teaching Staff

Apart from teachers there will be non teaching staff and their verification by the local police is equally important. The watchman and the peon are probably the only male staff in the centre/school who usually keep on shuffling as per their contracts with the security agency instead of the daycare so you need to keep a tab on the daycare’s head or in some cases the school’s centre head to make sure that the staff that is on duty is a verified person.

As kids, my brother and I went to daycare as our parents were working. I was about 4 months old when I started going for babysitting with my brother. However, I was uncomfortable with the lady taking care of me and so my mother changed my babysitter. The new lady was a gem of a person, and I still remember the taste of the delicious food cooked by her. But the people I do not want to remember are her husband and son…

4. The Principal

It is possible that the daycare will not have a Principal. But if you are lucky enough to have one make sure to arrange a meeting with her and talk to her about everything. Cross check everything that you feel the need to.An incident that shook me while daycare hunting was the principal telling me that they cannot admit my daughter in her daycare because I am an unmarried mother and a 9-month-old baby will be a bad influence on other toddlers. This daycare was in Malad and belongs to one of the countries most reputed brands.

5. The Cleanliness

Check the fans, ceilings, nooks and corners, kitchen and toilets to see the level of cleanliness of the daycare. Also, check the outdoor air and ask them to show you where they keep all the detergents and toilet cleaners to check what they use.

6. The Food

Many of you would prefer sending home cooked meals to your kiddos, but believe me, the kids eat more when they share their food and have their meals together. Ask the daycare about their menu and how many snacks will they be provided per day. A daycare should have strict rules for food and should not give in to a child’s food tantrums. Also, make sure to inform them about any food allergies that your child might have.

7. The Play Area and Classroom

Make sure the daycare has enough space for 15 kids to stay in a classroom. And the outdoor play area is big enough and equipped with slides and other outdoor toys. The child spends most of his or her time at daycare, you don’t want your child to get trapped in a room with 10 other toddlers for 6-8 hours.

8. Activities  & Timeline

When I first sat down with the center head to understand what activities were going to take place I thought she was faking it but then when I joined them on Facebook and started looking at their photos I have to say I chose the perfect daycare for my daughter. Festivals, celebrations, were enough to flabbergast me but then I saw the daily activities and I was so proud to see her do new things almost every day. They have a dedicated yoga time, story time, outdoor playtime, snacks time, lunch time, pretend play time, pool parties, movie time, monthly themes, dance time, exercise time, and what not!And the best part is their schedule is always on time. The child becomes so independent that my daughter takes her blanket and sleeps at 2 pm in afternoon whenever she is at home. I had to struggle with her routine for 1 year and I am sure if I was a stay at home mom my daughter would never have been so independent regarding her morning and bedtime routine.

9. Monitoring

The first thing that I saw when I entered the daycare, was a big screen with all the classrooms, outdoor play area, passage and every gate on display. The principal and center head was closely monitoring every classroom and used to give a call to the respective teacher if they see something not in order. So you need to make sure that the daycare has working CCTV cameras and someone to monitor them.

10. Fees

Many of us consider this as the first thing to look out for while choosing or deciding anything. However, I kept it as the last priority because I know after reading this post you too will never think a daycare is expensive as compared to babysitting. Finally the fees part depends on where you are located and what kind of service you are looking for. I stay in Borivali, Mumbai so the fees are like any other normal daycare which is 8000 for 12 hours including food ( this is a discounted price as my daughter was one of the first students to join the daycare while the discount was going on back in 2015). Nowadays the fees start from 10000. The fees depend upon your child’s age and the number of hours of stay at the daycare.I would like to share an experience I had in my daycare hunting experience. I came across a corporate daycare in Goregaon. I visited them with a friend of mine. The entrance was a very secure one. However, when we went up, we saw 20-30 kids crying their lungs out with no teachers around. The kids were handled by girls who looked somewhere around 14-22. We immediately lost all interest. The locality was a posh one but I am sure no parent will ever want to send their children to a place without professional supervision. Because we were there we decided to stay there and listen to the coordinator. The fees she quoted was 18000 rupees per month for a 9-month-old baby. Imagine!

11. Communication

Ask them how will they communicate about the child’s progress and other events with you. What will be the frequency of the parent-teacher meetings? Ask them how should you communicate with them regarding your concerns.

Good Luck to you and your little bundle of joy! Do share your daycare hunting experiences in the comment section below!

Working Mom’s Guilt to Working Mom’s Peace

I started attending lectures when Ira was just 45 days old. Since then I have had my moments when I felt I was not a good mom. There were moments when I gave in to what others had to say about me. I left my business, my blogs, my films and my jobs because I wanted to be with Ira. So here is my personal story from working mom’s guilt to working mom’s peace.

Since last few weeks, (13 weeks!) Yes I am counting🙄 The mommy guilt is making me feel pathetic. It’s been a week Ira has started sharing with me that she misses me. That I don’t sit with her during her activities. I don’t take her out. I don’t spend time with her. I don’t talk to her. And the one thing she misses the most is food cooked by me. I am still happy about it that she at least shares her emotions with me. I know I made her unhappy. I know I have been neglecting my own health from past few weeks by working 16 -18 hours a day. But I feel it’s high time now I balance my life and be a happy mom instead of a guilty mom.

Every moment, Ira is watching me neglect myself for work, for family, and for so many other reasons. I am currently advised not to do any form of physical activity because of nutritional deficiencies. Ira wakes up at 3 AM at night because the lights are on and I am still working. She observes me do all this. And I am afraid she might do it as well.

So here are a few things that I did after my moment of truth, to simplify our life and find peace as a working mommy –

Leave mommy guilt behind

I came to a conclusion where I realized, we don’t have any financial support or any child maintenance to help us with our needs. If I don’t start working now I and Ira may not survive more than 2 days in a city like Mumbai. We need money, a lot of it and with a single 5 digit salary we can either eat 6 times a day or support our education & medical expenses. So feeling guilty for working towards a better and brighter future is the need of the hour and there is not a single reason to be guilty of it.

Work strictly for 9 hours

This is what I am still struggling with, but I have made it clear to myself that I will be working only for 9 hours per day. It includes working for my job, my blogs and my personal passions. The more time I spend working, the more I spend on medical bills. So it’s better to earn a bit less but to gain on health front because my work is mainly sitting in front of the laptop for hours and it takes away a lot of mental peace.

A reliable Caretaker or Daycare

Ira was going to Daycare for almost 2 years when I stopped it because of health issues. Her immunity went for a toss and our pediatrician advised to keep her at home till she turns 5 years old. So I opted for a Nanny at home because I didn’t want her to feel neglected while I was digging in front of the computer. So a police verified nanny is what gives me relief.

The CCTV Cameras

In spite of the police verification, I installed CCTV camera’s in every room of our house. Because I didn’t want to leave my daughter behind and be worried about her all the time. I can see Ira live on my phone and my laptop from any part of the country and also listen to the conversations live. If there is an incident that I want to verify I can just check the recording and see & hear what exactly happened.

Sleep on time

I used to wake up at 9 AM and sleep at 4 AM the next morning. So basically, less than 5 hours of sleep per day and that started reflecting on my health and the way I looked. So I made sure I sleep at least by 11 PM with Ira so that we can have a nice bedtime.

Wake up early

Waking up a bit early than Ira gave me some time to plan & prepare things for me & her. I peacefully have my bath, make a quick breakfast for us and manage to get ready (play dress up) before she wakes up. Basically, when she is up I am not busy in the kitchen or doing something else before I leave for work or sit down in front of my desk.

Have Breakfast

I screwed up my metabolism and health and this is the major reason why! But ever since I started eating breakfast before Ira was up, I started feeling much better. I was more interested in everything I did and I was less irritable. I usually have fruits or dry fruits as the first meal of the day before 30 mins of waking up and then start with anything.

Cook more often

Ever since I started my new job there was a lot of pressure. I was working almost 16 hours a day and I didn’t have time for anything else. Cooking took a back seat and Ira was upset because of it. More than Ira, I was irritated and guilty. I started cooking because I wanted to feed Ira healthy and home cooked food. We all know the magic of food cooked by our moms. I always wanted Ira to proudly ask me to cook her favorite food. But this was not happening. So I pushed it to the top of my priority list. And I make sure to make breakfast for ira and cook her favorites thrice a week. I am hoping that I make all her meals every single day soon. But for now, we are happy with what I am doing.

Me time

By now you all know my story. But I am really happy how my decisions are helping me to stay sane. I take short 15 mins breaks every two hours to read a few pages or continue watching an episode or do something quickly like changing my nail color. These ways I am always happy and love my work. Taking small breaks is necessary not only to clear out your mind but also to keep the Fun quotient in the rote life.

Sit down with Ira

Like I said I make sure I am giving Ira one on one time while she wakes up until I go to work and during bedtime. This gives me immense joy and peace because that’s the only thing I want to do without any breaks. Being there for her while she is little.

Head out every single day

If I need to go to the office I make sure while coming back I take a different route or visit a joint to grab a burger or something to drink to unwind the day. This way when I reach home, even though I have less energy I don’t have any work residue in my mind and I am relaxed.

Go on Field Trips every weekend

This was rare when Ira used to go to daycare because of her low immunity. She was always sick and we never really got a chance to explore. But now with her health stabilized and her homeschooling routine established. We go for a field trip every weekend. This way we both get some alone time and we understand each other much better.

Work smarter – Ask for help & Plan Ahead

For the initial few weeks when I joined my new job, I was nanny-less, I was the only person in charge of the work and I was clueless how things are in a company. I ended up doing a lot of donkey work. But once I started working smartly by planning things in advance, delegating tasks and communicating my issues with my team members work & personal life both became a lot easy.

I also asked for help from family and friends with so many things and they were ready to help which gave me a few fewer reasons to be guilty of and worry. I started planning my work scheduled weeks in advance and this way I was able to prioritize what needs to be done now and what can be done this week. Similarly, I planned out my content for blog & social media for weeks and today I have almost 6 weeks of content ready for my blog & social media.



February 2018 Writers Workshop

Welcome to Wednesday Writer’s Workshop!

This week obviously is about LOVE, because it’s Valentine’s Week. So here are the 7 prompts for this week of love –

  1. My love story with an inanimate object

  2. My first love story

  3. Write a Thank you letter to a stranger who made you feel loved

  4. Memories of Valentine’s day when I was a teen

  5. Persuade a friend to give up smoking/drinking/drugs

  6. My self-love journey/story

  7. My favorite romantic character from the world of Cinema

You can choose any one or more prompts and submit your blog post/article by 13th February 2018 9 PM Indian Standard Time. To read the rules head over to Writer’s Workshop.

We are officially a part of NETFLIX’s #StreamTeam

By now we all know that NETFLIX has come to India. Which means no more torrent downloads and searching numerous websites and be a part of piracy. If you haven’t yet created an account on NETFLIX click here to create one right now! It’s FREE for one month! AND we are officially part of NETFLIX‘s #StreamTeam!

So how did we make it to NETFLIX‘s #StreamTeam?

I got a call from the PR Team of NETFLIX asking me if I would like to collaborate with them. For the first few minutes, I was dumbfounded and I just agreed with whatever the sweet lady spoke. Once I realized it was really happening, she asked me if I am free to attend their event. And of course, I said a YES.

So that’s exactly how it happened. In my 4 years of blogging career I never really agreed to collaborate with brands and when I was finally ready, I feel I got the best brand to Debut with.

Wh0 exactly is the #StreamTeam?

So NETFLIX chooses the members of #StreamTeam. They choose only 15 -20 parenting influencers from a country to be a part of their #StreamTeam and in India, I am one of those few. The #StreamTeam gets access to exclusive NETFLIX content before the rest of the audience. We get to share our opinions with NETFLIX & discuss the content (more on this in my next post). When a new show is up on NETFLIX we are notified about it first. Our families get special goodies from NETFLIX to make our NETFLIX experience more special.

How does it feel to be a part of the #StreamTeam?

I was a filmmaking student, but I never really got a chance to be a student. Watching films, Observing the technicalities, living the experience is what I missed in my graduation course because Ira was too small and I was too emotional to leave her behind. So I guess the Universe wanted me to live my life without regrets and here I am watching global cinema and living the life without any regrets. So that’s exactly how I feel.

What does it mean to our lovely little family over the internet?

It means I will be sharing some really interesting shows, films, and new releases before they are released for the rest of the world. You guys will get an exclusive sneak peek into NETFLIX through us.

 When we were invited by NETFLIX!

So I was invited to a super awesome evening with NETFLIX, where I met fellow bloggers & influencers who are also part of NETFLIX’s #StreamTeam.

This was my first event as a blogger after being a mom. And after years I wore a dress. (I look like a kid here).


We met the NETFLIX’s Team who flew down only to meet us. We influencers had discussions about various things related to content and our concerns as parents. Here is a sneak peek into the event.

So that’s how my first meet with Netflix looked like!

Thanks for dropping by!