Balancing the unbalances!!

I am sure you read my post on Instagram/Facebook and are curious to know how I am trying to maintain harmony between the two arms of my work-life balance. Well, you may just go through the main pointers quickly to know what sets me right in my head. Or if you feel there is something more to hold you back here, please read in detail and try to implement in your routine. Believe me, it helps!!

1. Vision, goals & objectives – Have a vision for your future. Set your short-term & long-term goals around your vision. Plan realistic small steps to be taken to achieve your goals. The smaller accomplishments keep you motivated through the bigger goals.

2. Vision, goals & objectives – Have a vision for your future. Set your short-term & long-term goals around your vision. Plan realistic small steps to be taken to achieve your goals. The smaller accomplishments keep you motivated through the bigger goals.

3. Set your priorities – It is most important to know what really matters to you and set your priorities around the same. Once you have set clear goals and know your priorities right, create plans that help you achieve these goals. Also, be open to assessing and redirecting your needs to find a balance between work & personal life. Your kids might need your presence more than your work. On other days, you might have to slog hard at office leaving your kids behind at home or day-care.

4. Set up a routine – Having a daily routine is vital for work-life balance and gaining success in life. It helps you to keep work organized, stay on track and be more productive. To set up an effective routine, you need to know your peaks & troughs. Assign high-concentration tasks for the time when you are at your best. At your lows during the day, plan to keep tasks which need lesser efforts.

5.To-do list – Organizing tasks at work and at home are most essential to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Align your daily tasks with your priorities. Prepare a to-do list for a week to fulfil daily objectives. Focus on accomplishing 3-5 most important tasks every day. Allocate enough time for each task and be attentive to increase your efficiency. Delegate activities to others which you don’t enjoy or can’t handle alone. Make sure you do not overburden yourself with all the tasks in one day.

6. Do not multi-task – Say “no” to multi-tasking to reduce stress & improve efficiency. If you have clarity on what is essential in life, you tend to say a no to unimportant requests & tasks. This reduces your obligations leaving you with more time for the activities which are of utmost importance. While you are at work, do not think of the family and other issues. Similarly, leave work at work and get fully involved with the family while at home.

7. Take charge of mind & body – Running throughout the day for work and personal errands may leave you stressed out. The best way to destress is to focus on your mind and body. Physical exercise, meditation, good music, pursuing hobbies release endorphins which relieve stress and make you feel relaxed. Make sure you take adequate sleep to be able to function effectively.

8. Take a break – Take a break from the routine, find time for your family and friends, play with your kids, talk to your parents. Cook for them, have an uninterrupted conversation with kids once in a while. Unplug yourself from laptops, mobile phones & the internet to be able to live the present moment. Go on holidays with your friends or family. This will reset you to bounce back to work with that extra energy.

9. Set aside some Me-time – Make sure that the mundane routine does not kick in to take away your me-time. You can not pour from empty vessels for sure. Take out an extra hour – morning or evening depending on your routine. Exercise, read books, write journals or rekindle long lost hobbies. Do something every day for which you have passion and love. This recharges you for the day forward and restores the much-required balance.

Written by Shini Gupta

A perennial urge to learn new things and explore new trails has brought me to this space. Hailing from the city of Scindias, settled in the city of Nizams, I am a software engineer by profession. I love to meet new people and indulge in deep conversations with my closest people. I have a strong mindset for the philosophy of “Live & Let Live”. People around me know me as Shini, more often I am identified as Anwita’s mother who at the age of 2.5 years is capable enough to bring the worst and the best out of me. A few years back when I could barely find a reason for my existence, my daughter came into my life and put me onto the parenthood bandwagon. Since then, it has been a usual roller coaster ride as the parenthood generally is. But, the million emotions which I go through while raising this super energetic monster of mine make me believe that she is my most priced possession till date. As I am still learning the ropes of motherhood and juggling between other roles of a homemaker, freelancer, wife and daughter-in-law, I am trying to bring out the hidden talents within myself. While, being a software engineer at TCS for 9 long years and a freelance recruitment consultant for another 5 years, I always felt I had a knack of writing. Though till date, I always restricted writing and blogging as just another hobby, I now have decided to take it up as a part of my work. Through this platform, my attempt would be to put across my thoughts and reach as many like-minded people as possible. Hope I am able to connect with the audience and build a few life time relationships. Keep checking this space for some good reads and keep showering your love!!

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