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  • When love meets life!!

    A few weeks back, I stumbled upon an Instagram account – @extrachromieveda. After going through various videos and pictures, I was really impressed with Veda’s hard work and dedication. I spoke to her mother, Kavita Bulani who gave me an insight into child adoption, Down’s syndrome and some tips on motherhood. Here is an excerpt […]

  • Five women you should send DMs this Mother’s Day

    This Mother’s Day, reach out and share your heart in the form of words. Nourish that crucial bond we all need in our lives to show that there’s always strength in unity! Every year, there’s a divide between those who believe in celebrating Mother’s Day and those who don’t. Every day is Mother’s Day” according […]

  • Let us paint this planet green!!

    While we celebrated Earth Day this past week, are we really aware of the environmental degradation that has happened in the last few years and how our planet has been affected by the same?  Air pollution, deforestation, water scarcity, global warming, poor waste management, resource depletion are just a few to name the current environmental […]

  • Eight reasons why you should write a Journal

    My first encounter with the word journal was when I read the book Things I want my daughters to know by Elizabeth Noble. And I imagined in my head that I’d write a journal for my future child. And when I was pregnant, I had a rough time to say the least and then my […]

  • Good Friday Traditions and Customs

    Good Friday which is also called as Holy Friday or Great Friday commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus at Calvary. This Friday is different from rest of the days as it holds a special importance, especially to the Christian Community. It is one of the most important religious holidays for Christians as Jesus died […]

  • Buddhism & its teachings

    The mind is everything. What you think you become!! Buddhism is the world’s fourth largest religion encompassing various traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices largely based on original teachings attributed to Gautam Buddha. It was this man who found enlightenment and gave birth to this spiritual tradition of Buddhism.  Gautam Buddha explained the essence of Buddhism […]

  • Easy and fun home-date ideas

    You’ve been married or living together with your partner for a while. With the endless responsibilities of adulting, you’ve settled into a routine and forgotten what it was like to connect and have fun with your partner. Add kids to the picture, and you may not have a spare moment to think about couple time, […]

  • Padharo mhare desh!!

    The royal destination of our country, Rajasthan, guarded by Aravalli ranges, is a place where the guests are treated like Gods and welcomed with utmost love and care. Hence, the tourism slogan follows. From the vast desert to the holy lakes, from royal forts to colour-coded cities, the picturesque sceneries are sure to trigger a […]

  • The curse of non-access to water and sanitation

    Have you ever been attacked by a rapist while you tried to get a glass of water from the kitchen? Or did your parents ever made you leave schooling as you had entered into mensuration stage?   The above questions may sound funny to the fortunate ones who are able to access clean water and […]

  • Be Decor Ready!

    Hey girls! What’s up? Sharing a quote with you that I adore: Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love. Nate Berkus I have always loved decorating. I even wanted to study Interior Designing, but that didn’t happen. Maybe soon, who knows? Why me, we […]

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