Hello to the world!

Hello People!

December 1st, 2013 this day is when I left my fears & insecurities behind to score my goal in life.

Well, the goal is simple, to be a blogger first and then a YouTuber.

It might take me a while to get there, but I am sure I will surely be there because that’s the only plan I have in life.

Wondering what’s this blog all about?

Well, Chicnomics is a desi girl guide to budget-friendly fashion, jewelry, and makeup.

After working on several theatre plays and Marathi films, I have the much-needed experience to tell you what to buy, where to buy and why to buy.

So come every Monday to my awesome little place on the Internet to know the What’s and Where’s and Why’s of budget-friendly fashion.



Written by Miss Harshala

Hi There!
I am Miss Harshala the founder of #AWIL
I am a multi passionate millennial who loves talking about the millennial lifestyle, single motherhood, homeschooling and mental health.

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