How to get started with Jolly Phonics

As a first time homeschooling mom with no one to guide me or share my journey with, I was confused. Where should I start? What should I do? Am I doing the right thing? What if it turns out to be bad? What if I fail to help my child learn? The list of questions was endless.
So I decided to start learning more about Early Childhood Education and took up a course for the same. Along the lines I did 2 Diplomas in Jolly Phonics. Once from a local instructor and second time from the Official Jolly Learning UK instructor. I learnt a lot of things in both the courses.

But my biggest lesson was, self learning or homeschooling. I realised that if I had the right materials I could have learnt Jolly Phonics for INR 800 than INR 8000

So in this post I am going to give you simple yet effective way to self learn Jolly Phonics.

The Book

The First and the most important thing is to have a guidelines to rely on. I am sharing with you the link to official course material from Jolly Phonics. Go ahead and buy the book. That is the only piece of material that you need to learn Jolly Phonics or to teach it to your kids.

The Videos

Watch the free videos available on YouTube to learn the sounds. Here are a few videos.

These are the videos from official Jolly Phonics course. You can refer them.

Activities, Games, Flash Cards & other materials

You can get a wide variety of materials on Amazon. Or you can just DIY them.


Here are the links to some important materials.

That’s it for today!

Until next time, Take Care!

Written by Miss Harshala

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I am Miss Harshala the founder of #AWIL
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