Live and Let Live

It is not necessary that you understand every person’s point of view. And it is obvious that not all people understand your point of view. Sometimes your own mother, father, brother, sister, in-laws, relatives or best of friends turn their back to you. For them, you might be either stupid or a threat. And the way they react might be the exact same reaction you give when you face such a situation. It is human nature to either withdraw your self or make others uncomfortable whenever you feel the person is a threat or plain stupid. You either react or you don’t. Depends totally on your point of view about a particular situation and your level of maturity.

If you are like me, you feel a lot but never say a thing. You just withdraw yourself so that you don’t have to listen to the point of view. The only thing we can’t do is hear others out. We listen to them, we feel the hatred/negativity/pitty/and many times shame that they think we bring to them. They make us feel why we should never crawl out of the hole called depression.

While we feel this, after a point of time some of us rise up. Jump out of that hole and start listening more carefully. We listen not only to the spoken words, but we listen to the gestures, the emotions, and the vibe. We listen how miserable the person is who is trying to hide their weakness behind those words. I have an advice to give here (advice is something we all need the least but still try to hear me out).  Listen to the vibes they give you because that’s the reason they are alive. They don’t need food or water to survive. All they need is this vibe of Superiority to feed their EGO. By demeaning you they gain the ultimate power in their mind. The power over you, the power that makes them feel they are Wise and you Respect them.

But little do they know how far you have come. That you don’t give an Eff to what they have to say and you know how positive and strong you have become. Another advice,(please hear me out! this time it’s a good one) Don’t let them know that you are a happy Llama now. Let them be in the illusion of their Ego. Because you don’t have to do all the charity in the world. You don’t have to sit them down and have a conversation about HOW BAD EGO IS FOR YOUR LIFE! If you do that possibility is they will try to figure another way around to Eff with you. So, just let it be and trust in God if you do or trust KARMA. Because what goes around comes around.



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