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This is not a sponsored post. This is my personal experience and 100% true.

It’s 06:30 AM in India and today is the second day in my life after the life changing session. Just to give you a rough idea/thought about myself and my life. I am a childhood sexual abuse survivor, I was in a abusive relation and I am a unmarried mother. Professionally, I always wanted to create content Youtubing and Blogging being number one on my list and to make that happen I did my graduation in Film, Television and New Media Production.

Today I am a “happy” woman, a loving and caring mother, trying to be a more responsible daughter, trying to be a more social friend whom my friends can reach out to, and about to dominate the world with my hardwork and dedication.

I never thought I would see the light one fine day and I never imagined an hour can change my life. Because the truth is, I was in severe depression for the past 7 months. I was contemplating suicide and simple things such as sleeping at night were difficult for me.

Life Changing Eve…

But on Christmas this year, my life changed in minutes. I was watching a video on Youtube and an ad flashed. The woman started talking and as she spoke, her word made so much sense. I followed the ad and the link took me to her masterclass on mindvalley. I enrolled myself in because I thought it would be nice to listen to her as I make content around the same category.

At 11 PM the session started with Vishen, and almost 40 minutes into it my saviour came in. Marisa Peer has changed my life for the good. Those few minutes I trusted her, are the best minutes of my life.

Just in minutes the difference it made in my life is visible. Hours of therapy for 7 months never made me feel better. They only told me things will change. Life will get better but this was no child’s talk.

I was insomniac and would be able to sleep only past 3AM. And there were some nights where I couldn’t sleep at all. Hurtful thoughts crossed my mind. But I will let you decide if I made any progress at all.

I did the session with Marisa Peer on Rapid Transformational Therapy on 25th night which ended at 1 AM on 26th and since then, you can see what a transformation it has been. On both the days I woke up before 6AM without any alarm.

The Progress

Believe it or not, but the session changed my life for good. I wrote down scripts for my youtube channel. Planned and execute everything and at the end of the day when I hit the bed I had no thoughts. All I had was gratitude.

Being a morning person was something that I never imagined myself to be. Not atleast for next 5 years. Because a person who can’t control her thoughts, couldn’t sleep for days together and woke up at 9-10-11 AM had no hope for magic to happen.

How it happened?

I consider Mind Valley and Marisa Peer as my Christmas gift from the universe. All she did was hypnotise me over a recorded video and took me to my childhood home. Helped me meet the child me and relive the moment which affected me the most. I started crying and tears were rolling down my cheeks while I was still hypnotised.

She then helped me to grow up from that child and visit the second moment that affected me and then the third. And as I saw all three different me in the worst moments of my life, all I wanted to tell her was its ok, it’s not your fault. You cannot do anything in this situation and I am so sorry you had to go through it.

She then helped me to bring the child to my current home with me. Where I showed the child me my world, my life, my home, my parents, my child, my achievements and all the beautiful things that I brought into my life.

I did not feel unhappy, rejected or fearful. All I felt was, love and care. Marisa then asked me to go back to those hurtful moments and be happy in those moments. See the action that I wanted to do in those moments which I couldn’t do.

The outcome

Once I was out of hypnosis, I just felt happy and relaxed. And that feeling hasn’t changed even after 36 hours. I am now doing what I love and there is no fear attached to my thinking process even after being surrounded by people I want to avoid.

I would definitely recommend you to take a free masterclass with Mind valley and Marisa Peer. Here is the link to the same –

I am now collecting my self care fund to buy the full master class worth Rs. 32,000. Because if a free session can do this to me, imagine what a fully paid 8 weeks course can do!

I hope this helps you as much as it did to me.


Miss Harshala


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