• Eggless Mayonnaise at home

    2 Min mayonnaise recipe

    Here’s an easy recipe to make Mayonnaise at home with the basic ingredients. Mayonnaise can be used as spreads for a sandwich, shawarma or dressings for salads or as a dip. Ingredients – 1 cup Edible Oil 1/2 cup Milk 1/2 tbsp Salt 1/2 tbsp Sugar 1/2 tbsp Pepper 1 tbsp Lemon Juice 5-6 cloves […]

  • Top 10 signs of Pregnancy

    A woman may know that she is pregnant soon after she has conceived when the fertilised egg attaches itself to the wall of your womb (uterus). This happens usually within about 10 days of conception. Many times a woman is unaware of any changes for weeks, only wondering if you are pregnant when you miss […]

  • Who is Ira?

    Ira is a 3-year-old girl who stays with her mommy & maternal grandparents. She is being homeschooled since the age of 12 months and is loving her homeschooling journey more than the formal schooling. She loves food, beach & Netflix and is a total travel junkie but due to her health issues she has not […]

  • Who is Miss Harshala?

    Hi! I am Miss Harshala, a 24-year-old full-time single mommy. I work as a Blogger & Blog Mentor in the day and I am a Netflix addict by the night. I did my Bachelor of Arts in Film, Television & New Media Production from the University of Mumbai. I am currently pursuing my Diploma in Early […]