Week 2

September 3, 2017

28th August, 2017

There is nothing more peaceful than planning ahead of time. I am an bullet journal junkie and a planner addict but nothing can beat my love for diary writing. I wrote my very personal thoughts, goals and plans for the next month today, like I do at the end of every month. I was today in no mood to organise and my messy room has to stay messy for today.

29th August, 2017

It’s a really rough day here in Mumbai. It’s raining cats and dogs here and Mumbai is flooded. People are without electricity and in many places the water has entered their houses. I am getting not so good vibes today. I just pray that the city gets back to normal and the sun shines soon.

30th August, 2017

Finally Mumbaikars saw some sunshine today and the city is flood free.
Today we are going to Ira’s great granny’s house to celebrate Gauri Aawahan and Ganesh and Gauri Visarjan (tomorrow). I wore traditional Maharashtrain Jewellery today and Ira was damn happy to see the entire family today.

31st August, 2017

Today was a busy day for us. We did Ganpati Visarjan and Ira surely had an experience for lifetime. We roamed on the streets of Mumbai, ate vadapav, went to juhu beach and Ira went for swimming in the sea for the first time in her life so this was a big milestone for us. I am a water baby and I am glad to know that Ira loves water too.

1st September, 2017

I wanted to change my work desk’s setting for a while now and I changed it so that I could use the small wall for some mood lifting decor and  the window helps to relieve so much stress by giving ample of sunlight and a peek into the nature. I have work desk decor and wall decor on my to do list now.

2nd September, 2017

Today was a very productive day with our Mom groups rules being finalised and a few business related tasks were completed before time. You can check our Facebook community for moms called SUPERMOMS. It’s open for all Moms and would be moms.

3rd September, 2017

I don’t believe much in Vastu, but changing the direction of my work desk is proving to be fruitful. I am doing productive work and actually executing things that I initially planned. While it’s a busy Sunday for me, L’il Miss Ira is enjoying being a dotting daughter by not disturbing me at all.


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