Week 3

4th September, 2017 – Monday

The day started with a lot of disturbances due to lack of sleep but I somehow managed to cook meals for us. Luckily I got to nap a bit in afternoon with baby and I was all set for the day. If one habit I want to change for lifetime is this habit of sleeping late at night. After dinner we went to some Local Ganesh pandals and had a great time there.

5th September, 2017 – Tuesday

Today was Anant Chaturthi and we wanted to go to beach to see all the fun but work comes first for mommy so we had to give it a miss this year.

Today was quite a productive day for me as we locked our first brand for our blog and I completed my to do list. Baby had a painful night due ring worms. We didn’t sleep whole night.

6th September, 2017 – Wednesday

Today we went for some grocery shopping with granny. Then we went to @littlemissira daycare to meet her teachers and friends. Finally we went to garden to play after months. Baby was so happy to have a day out and was equally tired at the end of the day. She slept at 10PM only to wake up at 1AM and didn’t let mommy sleep the whole night.

7th September, 2017 – Thursday

@littlemissira turned 34 months today. We had a pretty rough start of the day due to sleep deprivation. The day was unproductive. I guess I should stop taking breaks/leaves for a couple of days.

There is a whole to do list that I need to get done with. Days like these are difficult.

8th September, 2017 – Friday

Today evening my grandmother lost her battle to multiple cancers. Losing a parent is a very difficult thing.

9th September, 2017 – Saturday

Today we cremated my grandmother and it was the last time we saw her face. But she will always be with us in our memories.

10th September, 2017 – Sunday

It is difficult to accept that someone so close to us is gone forever.

Until Next Time, Love Love!

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