Week 1

August 22, 2017

22nd August,2017 – Tuesday 

I somehow turned A WEEK IN LIFE a reality. AWIL was on the back of my mind ever since I started my blogging journey 3 years back in 2014. But self doubt and fear of unknown kept me away from it.
Finally, when I took a decision to turn my blog www.missharshala.com into my portfolio and stick to a niche I chose Biz & Blog mentoring + Early Childhood Education over documenting our life.

I made an instagram account in Ira’s name to document our life, but somehow I felt it didn’t fit into all the things that we did as a family (we live with my parents and we have a big Indian family in the city). Showing our life from just her perspective was not possible every time because I had so much more to share. So while I was all set to buy a domain under Ira’s name, I chose A WEEK IN LIFE because we have so much more to share.

Our day was spent resting and watching TV or videos in bed because baby and mommy were both unwell. The room is messy because mommy was unwell. She somehow managed to clear the bed and pile the stuff on her chair and at the foot of the bed. Days like these are not rare to see because mommy is many times procrastinating.

23rd August, 2017 – Wednesday

I bought new shades for L’il Miss Ira as she wanted them for a long time now. L’il Miss Ira got a hang of the Bollywood song “Kala Chashma” from the film “Baar Baar Dekho” and keeps singing and dancing on it several times a day. So now she has a brand new cute mint blue ‘chashma‘ as her prop.

Ira is an allergic child and there are days when she is down with bronchitis. But whenever she is in a state to sit or walk( more of running) we make sure we do some activities which I planned for her. I do have a curriculum but I don’t let it bother her on days she is not okay. We stick to activities instead of a curriculum now. Ira loves painting and that’s exactly what she did today.

I did some shopping for Ganesh Chaturthi, a very important festival for our family. We will be going over to ira’s great grandmother’s place to welcome lord Ganesha and celebrate his arrival and stay. But that totally depends on L’il Miss Ira’s health.

24th August, 2017 – Thursday

L’il Miss Ira had a very tiring day due to bad weather. She was down with fever and mommy couldn’t help her much.

I am a person filled with self doubt and the “I am not good enough” syndrome. But leaving that behind I actually got dressed after so long and clicked myself. I don’t know what took over me but I actually posted it online. May be the fact that this account is a secret one and I am away from the people that make me feel uncomfortable or maybe for a change I trusted myself enough to make it happen.

I went for the final shopping for Ganesh Chaturthi and Ira’s grandpa went to our family home where we are going to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. Ira had a great time with her granny and didn’t miss me while I was out ( a miracle for mommy because baby was sick )

We packed our bags and prayed that Ira’s health stabilises so that we can welcome lord Ganesha.

25th August, 2017 – Friday

The day started with a lot of buzz as we went to our family house and the whole family gathered there to welcome lord Ganesha.

Ira was a bit cranky because of so many people under the same roof. I was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to even touch my phone. I got tired baby got cranky and so we decided to come back home. But it was not easy to get back home because it was raining cats and dogs and the Mumbai traffic made it even worse.

26th August, 2017 – Saturday

We woke up late in the morning with me having a bad body ache and baby having cold. The only savage was granny who cooked for us. All we did today was rest. I got some me time today and I indulged in reading. My goal for the month was to complete my first Harry Potter adventure, sadly there’s still time for it I guess.

27th August, 2017 – Sunday

We woke up early today at 6 AM. We follow up with the sun, down with the sun policy on days we can because it’s a blessing to spend extra few hours in a day. But L’il Miss Ira’s allergic asthma and bronchitis takes a toll on her sometimes and I don’t bother her or myself on those days. But days like these are our favourites because we spend so much more time together.

How was week 1 ?

All in all it was quite a good week. There were many things that didn’t fall in place but then there were so many blessings and moments of happiness that we don’t feel like complaining at all.

Gratitude for week 1 –

We are Thankful for the family we have and the resources we are getting. Being a Work From Home Mom would have never been possible without the family’s unconditional support.



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